Cultured, or Nah?

S3 E6: Sufism and Modern Religion

July 06, 2021 Shabnum Gulati Season 3 Episode 6
Cultured, or Nah?
S3 E6: Sufism and Modern Religion
Show Notes

In this episode Shabnum sits down with Unitarian Minister Barbara Merritt, who is working on a collection of poetry from Rumi's Masnavi. She explains the persistence of Sufi poetry in our world and how and why it has survived the test of time. Sufi poetry has transcended organized religions and is widely read and used - the imagery being relatable and the lessons being easy to remember. Rumi is the most widely read poet in America, and Barbara explains why Sufi poetry which originated in the Islamic tradition has since overcome barriers of religion and been adopted by so many across the world. 

Host: Shabnum Gulati 
Guest: Barbara Merritt 
Art: Hanifa Abdul Hameed
Music: AnAkkiN on SoundCloud 

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